Nathaniel Armer

Nathaniel draws on his rich background as an early-stage employee, founder, and angel investor to shape his distinctive mentorship style. As the co-founder of HenryMeds, a pioneering telehealth startup offering direct-to-consumer weight loss and hormonal treatments, he brings a wealth of practical insights to the table. With his roots in Australia, Nathaniel’s approach is laid-back and empathetic, fostering a nurturing environment where budding entrepreneurs feel comfortable sharing their struggles and brainstorming new concepts. Outside of his entrepreneurial ventures, Nathaniel indulges his love for culinary exploration and dives into the realm of science fiction.

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Steve Goodall

Steve Goodall is a serial entrepreneur and consultant renowned for scaling businesses and founding startups. Unlike most business consultants, he takes a top down approach.   In tech, he cut costs substantially while boosting revenue and, in retail, he reduced waste and increased turnover significantly. As an asset management consultant, he expanded the workforce and enhanced operational systems, demonstrating his growth and efficiency expertise. His past ventures include founding a broadband company, revitalizing financial firms, and turbocharging a luxury auto detailing business. Today he focuses on aviation in the areas of private business jet leasing. His upcoming book, Stop Fixing The Problem, dives into areas to help companies learn how reach their goals by identifying opportunities, driving growth, and executing strategic operations. He now lives in Las Vegas with his wife of 20 years and they have 9 kids.

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Amanda Goodall

Amanda Goodall merges executive resume writing with strategic consultancy, leveraging over two decades of cross-industry experience. She founded The Job Chick in 2004, aiding 25,000 clients in aligning their ambitions with fulfilling careers. After training 2,000 executives, Amanda has refined the leadership skills of talents from world-class firms and focuses a lot of her knowledge in helping companies hire the right talent for expansion.  Over the years she has been honored to write impactful speeches for high-profile individuals and events, and her strategic campaigns have uplifted brand narratives across various sectors.Currently, she’s at the forefront of the job market, founding a company to advance workforce solutions in hiring and job searches. Her upcoming book dissects executive challenges in a shifting corporate world. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for a nonprofit political organization in NYC that empowers women to succeed in public office. After traveling for several years, she now lives in Las Vegas with her husband of 20 years. They have 9 kids.

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Sarah Kalicin

Sarah Kalicin is Founder and Data Strategist at Achieve More with Data, LLC, where her focus is to elevate business performance with Data Science and AI. With her deep experience, she formulates strategic plans for the adoption of analytics that bolster business outcomes. Her diverse analytic background spans roles at Intel Corp, Becton Dickinson (BD), Kraft Foods, Nabisco, Ford, and the USDA/National Agriculture Statistics Service, giving her valuable insights into the operational success of data-centric organizations. She possesses a Master’s in Applied Statistics from the University of Michigan and holds Bachelors’ degrees in Mathematics and Psychology from SUNY Oswego.

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Parker Werline

Parker Werline is a highly experienced investment banker and venture capital professional.

Originally from Southern California he excelled at baseball in his youth.  Parker moved up to the college level, playing baseball for Vassar during undergrad – while he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.  After Vassar, he received his MBA at Yale.  With his educational career complete, he began his financial career at PIMCO in Newport Beach, before moving back East to NYC, joining Morgan Stanley.

Parker made his return to the Pacific time zone in 2022, taking a role at Fiume Capital in Las Vegas as their Vice President.

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Kacy Drury

Kacy has a natural penchant for service and operations. She leverages her deep understanding of how most departments operate in combination with alignment and collaboration to ensure success. She is an effective communicator with a reputation for being direct and no nonsense but able to find common ground to ensure success. She is known for her impeccable integrity and reliability with peers, executives, and employees alike and remaining calm under pressure.

Kacy currently serves as Senior Vice President, Customer Experience & Operations where she oversees the company’s service and operational organizations. Her teams provide service and support to more than 1400+ casino customers for both the Fintech, Loyalty and Games divisions accounting for more than thirty different products. Her success or failure significantly impacts the overall value and performance of the company and ultimately drives customer loyalty.

Kacy was appointed by Governor Sisolak to serve as a Commissioner on the Nevada Veterans’ Services Commission and is entering her fifth year of service. Kacy serves on a non-profit board as a Director for the Community Roots Foundation, an organization focused on contributing to the success of a public charter school inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy. Kacy also serves on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Women’s Research Institute’s Community Advisory Board focused on improving the lives of women and girls through research and education.

In addition to her time with Everi, Kacy’s previous experience includes six years with a gaming operator in their legal and compliance department ensuring their casinos operated within the prescribed guidelines and were compliant with all laws, rules, and regulations. Prior to working in the gaming sector, Kacy spent almost ten years in semi-conductor distribution, as well as a number of years working in facilities management for a prominent private college in California.

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Michael Lee Sherwood

As the Chief Innovation Officer at City of Las Vegas, I lead the development and implementation of disruptive and transformative solutions that enhance the city’s operations, services, and customer experience. With over 25 years of experience in government and private sector industries, I have a proven track record of applying technology and innovation to improve efficiencies, productivity, and outcomes.

My core competencies include process improvement, budgeting, operations management, strategy, customer experience, and entrepreneurship.

I am passionate about creating a culture of innovation and collaboration within the city and with external partners and stakeholders. My mission is to leverage my EMBA and IoT expertise to make Las Vegas a smart, sustainable, and resilient city that delivers value and quality to its residents and visitors.

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Myisha Boyce

Creative problem-solver with more than a decade of applied leadership and project experience. Skilled at transforming technical content into streamlined messaging. Adept at business development through authentic relationship building and retention. Passion for initiatives focused on inclusion and diversity with the goal of generational results.

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Omar Nagy

Location: Las Vegas

Career Experience: Legal, Contract Law, Business Law, M&A

Experience And Industry Summary:

Prior to attending law school, Omar was a commercial real estate banker for approximately seventeen years. Omar assisted in financing projects in Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, and Washington by analysing projects and reviewing trust agreements, leases, syndication documents and other loan- related documents. During the great recession, Omar had an opportunity to work as a special asset officer in the commercial real estate department of a regional bank. As a special assets officer, apart from analyzing the financial side of the project, Omar got more involved in the risk assessment side of banking during which time he was in constant communication with clients and attorneys to minimize losses.

While Omar was successful in his previous career, he felt that his calling was more toward the legal side of banking and finance rather than sales and attended the William S. Boyd School of Law. Following graduation from law school, Omar left the banking sector to pursue a career as a transactional attorney.

Following graduation from law school, Omar left the banking sector to pursue a career as a transactional attorney. Since that time, he has worked for national and regional firms, where he represented clients in contract, banking, real estate, and acquisition matters.

In his time away from the office, Omar enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and playing golf.

Areas of Practice
Business Law
Banking and Finance Law
Real Estate Law
Contract Law
Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate Law

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