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Building an Angel Network within Incubator and Accelerator Communities

How to Build an Angel Network With Our Incubator Community

Nevadans will be the first to tell you that our state’s startup scene is experiencing an unprecedented surge of energy. With no state income tax and significantly lower barriers to entry compared to most regions in the U.S., Nevada has become a hotspot for investment. But the benefits of investing in Nevada aren’t just about tax perks. The Nevada community and StartUpNV are ideal locales to build valuable connections—and bridge an existing gap between investors and the startups they support.

Bridging the Gap with StartUpNV


As Nevada’s only statewide startup incubator and accelerator, we’ve noticed a unique challenge: a perceived gap between angel investors and startups. Angels may claim there are no worthwhile deals to be found; entrepreneurs may lament the scarcity of investors willing to write checks. These, however, are misconceptions.

StartUpNV is here to shine a light on these issues. We organize startups into a dynamic marketplace where the most promising ventures rise to the top. We make these opportunities available to forward-thinking angels who possess the foresight and strategy to identify and back the winners. We do this through a variety of programming, but in this article, we focus on one tactic in particular: how to build an angel network.

Build Your Network with a Startup Incubator

Angel groups provide a structured framework for high-net-worth individuals or accredited investors to discover, evaluate, and fund promising entrepreneurial ventures. Maybe we’re biased, but we recommend that all founders tap these angel networks.. It’s one of the best tactics to boost startup success, both for seasoned founders and first-timers.

These networks provide a sounding board where minds come together and evaluate opportunities, review product/market fit, and share business resources. If you team up with the right startup accelerator community, such as StartUpNV, you can unlock unique opportunities that startups won’t find anywhere else.

Improve Diversification

Angel investors and entrepreneurs can diversify their portfolios when they participate in investments offered through accelerator partnerships. For example, consider FundNV, a for-profit pre-seed venture capital fund for StartUpNV accelerator companies.

FundNV invests $50,000 per company through a convertible note or a SAFE, both of which offer founder-friendly terms.. This type of diversification minimizes individual risk and increases investment success.

Partners in Due Diligence

Angel networks can foster rigorous due diligence processes and evaluate investment opportunities, especially when an investor has particular goals in mind.

For example, check out the 1864 Fund, a $10M seed-stage fund affiliated with StartUpNV’s programming. This fund provides a verified way for investors to support talent outside of more conventional enclaves because it focuses on opportunities in the American interior. We call this a “gold zone” where deals are priced low and returns have great potential. We aim to connect investors with these types of opportunities through a collaborative approach that connects the right investor to the right deal at the right moment.

Learn From Those Who Came Before

A recurring theme among accelerator programs is that members can get more done when they harness collective knowledge. Some accelerator programs are designed to help members do just that. Our AngelNV investor education program is a great example. 

Here, investors have the unique opportunity to learn from seasoned startup investors within a secure group environment, perfect for those new to startup investing. AngelNV brings together a mix of first-time and seasoned angels to invest collectively, and this creates an ideal space for knowledge exchange.

Attendees benefit from a conference format that goes beyond theory; it provides hands-on engagement with startups seeking investment. This approach enables individuals to kick start their journey as they build a diverse portfolio of startup investments.

Boost Deal Flow and Negotiating Power

Angel networks can facilitate strong connections within  a region’s startup ecosystem. Members benefit from a broader range of investment opportunities and the potential to pool financial resources, which supports a collective approach that yields better results. 

As an added effect, these networks can leverage more substantial negotiating power when they deal with investment candidates. This can lead to more favorable terms for the network’s investors. These are the types of insights and benefits we strive to bring to all members of our program, and we always strive to improve our ability to connect.

Whether you’re an investor, a founder, or a tech enthusiast, StartUpNV is here to help. From understanding different types of venture capital strategies to learning how to calculate pre- money valuation, our programs will give you an edge to navigate the investment landscape.

Discover the multitude of investment opportunities available through our startup incubator and let’s make Nevada’s ecosystem flourish.

Our AngelNV 4 Investor track is coming January 23rd. Sign up now!

Nevada Advantage: First in the Nation State Law Creates a Large Investor Pool for Startups

The Nevada Advantage: First in the Nation State Law Creates a Large Investor Pool for Startups

Are you ready to take your startup to new heights?

Look no further than StartUpNV, the premier startup accelerator in Nevada. Your StartUpNV launchpad comes with a multitude of benefits that give entrepreneurs an edge. But before we get into that, let’s explore why Nevada itself is a great choice for both startups and investors who want to fund the next big idea.

The Nevada Certified Investor Law


Nevada offers some unique benefits for those looking to invest in the state. Chief among them is the Nevada Certified Investor Law, groundbreaking legislation that opens a world of opportunities for startups and investors.

Here’s how it works:

Investors who meet W-2, Schedule C or 1099 income eligibility criteria qualify as Nevada Certified Investors (NCI). This allows them to access different types of investment vehicles and get in on the ground floor of Nevada-based opportunities. NCI provides a Nevada specific alternative to national Accredited Investor regulations on making and seeking investments and paves the way for greater access to capital and for Nevadans to propel innovation and growth in the Nevada startup ecosystem.

In essence, the Certified Investor Law supports a more investor-friendly landscape in Nevada, which, in turn, fuels a startup’s ability to attract funding and hit early-stage growth goals.

Also, Nevada’s tax code features zero state income tax on individuals, no corporate income tax, competitive property tax rates, and a whole lot more. This framework has been dubbed “the Nevada advantage” for businesses, and we’re eager to support your company as you leverage these opportunities for yourself.

Transform Your Operations with StartUpNV

Nevada is one of the best places in the nation to launch your endeavor, but how do StartUpNV’s accelerator programs contribute? Here’s a quick rundown.

1. Networking Opportunities

One of the key advantages of StartUpNV membership is direct access to our region’s vibrant startup community. Likely due to our investment and tax benefits, Nevada has developed a thriving ecosystem filled with innovative entrepreneurs and tech-based startups. StartUpNV connects you with this community via regular events and programs that give you countless opportunities to network and collaborate.

2. Expert Mentorship and Programming

At StartUpNV, we understand the challenges that young businesses face. From learning how to secure investments to navigating complex legal issues, there’s a lot to manage. That’s why a core part of StartUpNV is focused on education and mentorship. Check out our core programs to see what we can bring to your business:

  • AccelerateNV – a specialized startup accelerator program that invests an average of $240,000 per company – and helps cohort startups grow revenue to qualify for a larger seed investment.

  • Founder University – a free and dynamic platform that features regular speakers and subject matter experts to support entrepreneurial growth.

  • AngelNV Bootcamp – a free course that prepares founders to raise startup capital, and it supports angel investors in their assessment.

  • Incubate Vegas – a free program that supports first-time entrepreneurs and underserved founders in Clark County.

IncubateNV – a self-directed online platform that provides education, tools, and resources at the user’s own pace..

Our comprehensive business mentorship programs provide startups with the guidance they need. Our mentors refine your business strategy, develop more effective marketing campaigns, and provide support every step of the way.

3. Funding Opportunities

Start-up funding is often one of the biggest hurdles for startups. By choosing StartUpNV as your launchpad, you gain access to an array of funding opportunities tailored for early-stage businesses. Benefit from our extensive network of angel investors, venture capitalists, and other sources of capital.

Our programs help you identify funding options and assist with the preparation of compelling pitches that maximize your chances to secure investment. For example, our AccelerateNV program allows startups to pitch for a $100,000 investment award, with 50% provided by FundNV and 50% by State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) funding.

StartUpNV is your launchpad for success. It gives you access to a vibrant startup community where networking events abound, expert mentorship from seasoned professionals who will guide you toward achieving your goals, and valuable funding opportunities for early-stage businesses like yours.

Don’t miss out on the chance to accelerate your startup’s growth. 

Join the thriving startup ecosystem in Nevada with StartUpNV. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Calling Entrepreneurs - Our AngelNV Bootcamp Makes Your Startup Dream a Reality

AngelNV Bootcamp Makes Your Startup Dream a Reality

Calling Entrepreneurs - Our AngelNV Bootcamp Reveals What Investors Want and How To “Nail it!”

Startup founders,we have good news and bad news. First, the bad news:statistics show that even with a strong inaugural launch, 65% of businesses, including startups, will fail within their first 10 years. Many won’t even make it that far. Some say that as many as 10% of startups fail outright within the first year.

Given how much you’ve put into your new business, these trends can be disheartening. The good news is this: every problem has a solution, and protecting a new enterprise from failure isn’t a matter of luck. You must learn what works and what doesn’t; you must understand that entrepreneurship is a process in which you “learn-by-doing,” and this is hard to achieve on your own.

In other words, founders can mitigate their risk when they learn from those who have come before them. At StartUpNV, we engage successful founders and subject matter experts from throughout Nevada who have been where you are today.

Lesson #1: Learn From the Past to Shape the Future


Economists have studied how past successes contribute to future success. Data from the National Bureau of Economic Research notes that companies backed by a previously-successful entrepreneur are nearly twice as likely to succeed than those helmed by first-time entrepreneurs.

The reasons why are numerous, but in our view, this is a testament to how much knowledge can be gained from any entrepreneurial endeavor—even those that come up short. Henry Ford said that failure is nothing more than an opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. In the startup game, this philosophy is what we eat for breakfast.

With that in mind, AngelNV’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp enables your competitive edge by providing one-on-one mentorship opportunities and personalized coaching sessions, in addition to content deep-dives, collaborative working sessions, and all things pitch-prep.

Even innovative companies must compete in a cutthroat business environment. Having a seasoned mentor by your side fuels your innovation, and equips you with the strategic acumen to outmaneuver competitors and seize opportunities.

The right strategic guidance helps a founder avoid many of the usual suspects that contribute to startup failure:

    • Poor market fit
    • Inadequate financial planning
    • Regulatory & compliance issues
    • Scaling challenges
    • And more

Lesson # 2: Prep for Success!

Every innovator deserves the chance to make their mark on the world. This philosophy is the origin of our AngelNV Entrepreneur Bootcamp (AB), a 100% free program that equips both new and experienced entrepreneurs with the knowledge and support to raise startup funding.

What Our Bootcamp Does For You

AngelNV Entrepreneur Bootcamp is a 13-week bootcamp that teaches startup fundraising fundamentals, tailored to teach founders and entrepreneurs “what investors want” in a startup when looking to invest.

This exciting course offers invaluable resources, support, and mentorship opportunities for startups of all kinds. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for a while, this program can propel your business forward.

When participating in this program, you will gain critical insight into startup planning and increase your chances of securing funding for your venture!

All Bootcamp Participants Are Encouraged To Apply For Startup Funding From Our Annual Conference Fund And Gain Eligibility For State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) Matched Funding

On top of that, AFB places special emphasis on pitching for investment from early-stage investors. This gives our founders the upper hand in competitive funding bids.

Across the board, AngelNV Entrepreneur Bootcamp graduates boast superior pitching skills and business management strategies that put them on the path to success. This training includes an intensive course of personal mentoring and networking opportunities that create new opportunities.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with like-minded entrepreneurs, and potentially secure SSBCI funding for your startup. Join us at The AngelNV Entrepreneur Bootcamp and let’s take your venture to new heights!

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How Virtual Business Incubators Give Your Business An Advantage

Are you looking for ways to give your business a competitive edge? Virtual business incubators help entrepreneurs access cutting-edge technology, resources, and networking opportunities to take their businesses to the next level. With virtual business incubators, you’ll gain an advantage over other companies in your field.

From giving startups a chance at success to helping established brands stay ahead of their competitors, there are many advantages of virtual business incubators bring to the table. So if you’re ready to learn more about these invaluable tools, just keep reading! 

What is a Virtual Business Incubator

A virtual business incubator is an online service that provides resources and guidance to entrepreneurs just starting. It’s a powerful tool for those looking to rapidly grow their startup, offering support in financial planning, marketing strategies, legal advice, and access to capital. Providing these services in a secure digital environment gives businesses the competitive edge they need to succeed in today’s market.

What exactly can you expect from a virtual business incubator? Its purpose is to provide mentorship and expertise so startups can develop strategic plans. Some of these services also offer programs like accelerators or venture capitals, allowing startups to get funding from investors and venture capitalists.

The great thing about virtual business incubators is that they offer personalized support tailored to each company’s needs at any stage of its lifecycle. Furthermore, since most of the services offered are provided remotely via video chat or email, this reduces overhead costs while giving your team access to world-class experts. With all these benefits combined into one package, it’s easy to see why working with a virtual business incubator could give your business the competitive advantage it needs to thrive.

Benefits Of Working With A Virtual Business Incubator

Working with a virtual business incubator can provide many strategic business advantages. By accessing the resources of an experienced and advanced virtual business incubator, businesses can benefit from cost savings in both time and money and access to new technologies. In addition, they’ll gain access to mentors with extensive backgrounds in their field or industry.

The services offered by a virtual business incubator are tailored to each individual’s needs. It includes advising on effectively using social media platforms, creating online marketing strategies, managing customer relationships, and more. It also provides coaching sessions and workshops that help entrepreneurs maximize their time while working towards achieving goals. With these advantages of virtual business incubators, startups can turn ideas into reality without sacrificing quality.

Services Offered by a Virtual Business Incubator

These virtual incubator services are designed to give companies the competitive edge they need to succeed and grow in today’s marketplace. From marketing support, branding assistance, financial advice, software development, and more – these virtual services help businesses thrive by creating custom-tailored solutions that fit their needs.

One of the most valuable benefits of utilizing a virtual business incubator is access to experienced professionals who can guide each growth stage. Whether you’re just starting or have been running your business for years, getting expert advice from an experienced team will make all the difference in achieving success. In addition, many virtual incubators also provide access to online resources such as webinars and educational materials that can help you stay current on industry trends and best practices.

Tailoring Solutions to Fit Your Needs

The goal of any virtual business incubator is to provide tailored solutions that fit the needs of your business. By focusing on individual requirements, you can ensure optimal results for your venture. Therefore, selecting a provider who understands your goals and objectives is essential to maximize your enterprise’s potential.

When selecting an incubator, look at its track record, success stories, and customer feedback. Ask about their services and how they plan to meet your demands. The right partner should understand the complexities of running a successful business and be prepared to help you succeed.

Discussing options allows both parties to negotiate mutually beneficial terms explicitly adapted for your company. This will help ensure that each proposed solution fits your budget constraints while providing maximum value for money spent. In addition, with the right customization offered by a virtual business incubator, businesses can access new technologies and resources needed for long-term growth and profitability.

Accessing New Technologies And Resources

For startups or small businesses with limited capital, virtual business incubators are an ideal way to access expensive yet essential technology that otherwise may be out of reach. With state-of-the-art programs such as machine learning algorithms, data analytics platforms, cloud computing networks, and digital marketing software included in some packages, companies have a reliable platform to build their operations.

Not only does this allow them to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market, but it also helps them increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs by eliminating the hassle of managing multiple vendors. Moreover, by providing these benefits at an affordable price, virtual business incubators offer organizations a unique opportunity for success without sacrificing quality or service.

These innovative applications enable enterprises to operate globally while saving money — giving companies the edge they need to make it big in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. Moving forward into the next section about the cost-effectiveness of virtual business incubators is key for those looking for long-term growth potential through strategic investments.

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Cost-Effectiveness of Virtual Business Incubators

Virtual business incubators provide a cost-effective solution for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to access the latest technologies and resources. With virtual incubator services, businesses can grow quickly without investing in costly physical infrastructure or personnel. By leveraging existing technology, businesses benefit from increased scalability and greater opportunities for success.

Business owners gain access to sophisticated tools and platforms that allow them to create and manage operations. They also have more control over handling customer data, giving them an edge over competitors. In addition, virtual resources like cloud computing enable businesses to scale quickly.

By taking advantage of cost-effective solutions offered by virtual business incubators, companies can easily expand into new markets while keeping costs low. 


These incubators can help level the playing field for start-ups and established companies by providing access to new technologies, resources, and tailored solutions. The advantages of virtual business incubators cannot be overstated; you don’t have to pay high prices like you would at a traditional physical space.

If you want to take your business to the next level, consider partnering with StartUP NV. We understand your needs and will work with you every step toward success! Contact us today.

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5 Ways a Startup Incubator Can Help You Grow Your Business

Do you have a great business idea but need to know how to make it work? Starting your own business can be overwhelming and stressful without the right support. That’s why many entrepreneurs are turning to startup incubators for help. Business incubators provide resources and assistance to new businesses to increase their chances of success. Incubators offer mentoring, networking opportunities, access to capital, training programs, office space, and more — all designed to help fledgling businesses take flight. Here are five ways a startup incubator can help you grow your business:

What is Startup Incubator

A startup incubator is a business support program that helps early-stage companies grow and develop. The term ‘incubator’ comes from an egg placed in an incubator that hatches into something bigger startups are nurtured in an incubator until they become self-sustaining businesses.

The purpose of joining an incubator is to provide startups with all the necessary tools for success without going through the process alone or reinventing the wheel. Incubators often involve a three-month-long accelerator phase during which mentors guide teams toward achieving specific goals related to product development or customer acquisition strategies. At the end of this phase, members receive additional funding and advice on launching their business.

Benefits of Joining an Incubator

Joining a business incubator can provide early-stage entrepreneurs with the guidance and resources needed to develop their businesses. In addition, incubators offer many benefits that can help startups grow exponentially.

First, incubator programs often provide access to financial support for businesses struggling to make ends meet or expand operations. These connections are crucial for gaining exposure in the industry.

Furthermore, an incubator offers professional development opportunities meant to strengthen a business concept and enhance its chances of success. Entrepreneurs gain insight into market trends from experienced mentors who launch similar products or services successfully. Businesses also benefit from operational assistance, including budgeting advice, marketing strategies, legal counsel, etc., all tailored towards optimizing performance and achieving greater profitability over time.

Professional Guidance and Mentorship

Incubators are invaluable in providing professional guidance and mentorship. Incubator programs provide entrepreneurs access to seasoned business professionals who can offer advice on scaling their businesses. With mentorship, startups can benefit from personalized strategic guidance and a support system that helps increase their chances of success.

  • Provide insights into industry trends – experienced mentors often have valuable insights into emerging market trends and developments that businesses can use for better planning and decision-making.
  • Give feedback on your product or service – getting unbiased feedback about what works and what doesn’t for your venture is essential for growth. Mentors can also point out areas where improvements could be made to maximize efficiency.
  • Offer support during difficult times – having someone there to provide emotional support through challenging situations is essential to running any business, especially during its early stages when founders may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about certain decisions they need to make.
  • Share resources – having access not only to the mentor’s knowledge but also to their contact list and other resources gives a great advantage over competitors, allowing one to gain more opportunities faster than ever before possible.

Resources and Networking Opportunities

Incubator programs can provide valuable resources and networking opportunities that equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge, contacts, and tools needed to grow their businesses. Networking events are an effective way for startups to connect with like-minded individuals with similar business goals or objectives. These connections could create potential partnerships or help find investors or funding sources.

Moreover, incubator programs often include peer support networks where entrepreneurs can share best practices and experiences in growing their businesses. This includes support in marketing, legal advice, technology development, investor relations, and other areas essential for running a successful venture.

By providing access to these resources and networking opportunities, they can bolster the growth prospects of emerging businesses while increasing their chances of success in the marketplace. Furthermore, they open doors to invaluable funding sources from trusted investors, which would only be available with this connection. 

Access to Funding and Investors

Startup incubators can provide access to investors and start-up capital as a way of helping you grow your business. Through their connections to venture capitalists, financial resources, and other funding sources, they offer an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs needing the know-how or experience to navigate the investor landscape.

They can also be a conduit between businesses seeking investment and potential funders. This helps ensure that fundraising needs are met quickly and efficiently, allowing entrepreneurs to concentrate on growth instead of worrying about whether sufficient funds will be available.

In this capacity, they act as a source of necessary funding and provide strategic advice on managing investments and maximizing returns from those investments over time. 

A group of people discussing in a room

Strategic Advice

Access to resources to help you strategize your path to success is priceless, especially as a young entrepreneur. In addition, an experienced incubator can provide essential insight into the various challenges you’ll face while running your business.

They understand what measures should be taken to ensure sustainable growth and how best to capitalize on opportunities. In addition, such advisors are well-versed in navigating through different stages of development, so their expertise can prove very useful depending on where your business stands.

Moreover, with guidance from such professionals, entrepreneurs can identify areas that need improvement within their existing operations and devise strategies for future expansion if needed. Additionally, these mentors may suggest new revenue streams or cost-cutting methods that could significantly reduce overhead expenses over time – something not easily achievable without professional counsel.


If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, joining a startup incubator is one of the best decisions you can make. Incubators provide access to valuable resources and guidance that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to come by alone. From mentorship opportunities with seasoned professionals, networking connections with other entrepreneurs in similar fields, potential investors and funding sources, and strategic advice from experienced advisors – incubators have it all.

At StartUp NV, we offer programs, training, and mentorship to help young business owners gain invaluable knowledge and insight into accelerating the growth of their businesses. So if you want to maximize your chances of becoming successful, simply contact us to learn how we can boost your business ideas and goals.