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…find your founder community at FounderNV.

FounderNV is a year-long “a la carte” membership

  • made for Nevada startup founders  
  • enroll (once) for free and become a member
  • get access to in-person and virtual events, education, resources, & perks all year long
  • choose what you want to learn, relevant to your company’s needs


  • attend monthly speaker series featuring founders, investors, and subject matter experts 
  • raise a glass with your founder community at a monthly “Founder Hour” in Las Vegas
  • engage with an online community of founders throughout Nevada

Every founder’s journey is unique. Your membership should be, too.

12 months of FUN!

  • access exclusive Founder University Nevada curriculum & resources for all 12 FounderNV monthly topics
  • choose what you use, and learn at your own pace
  • dive deeper and gain personalized guidance with mentor office hours and hands-on workshops

12 months. 12 topics. Countless opportunities to tune-in, drop-in, and dive-in with FounderNV. 


FounderNV explores 12 diverse topics throughout the year, beginning with the Entrepreneurial Journey in January. Throughout the year, we will explore key areas for entrepreneurs to consider, including Customer Discovery, Business Model, Legal Considerations, and many more essential aspects of business creation.

FounderNV Events & Perks


Even if your startup is in “stealth mode”, you don’t have to be. 

Founder Fridays

Featured speakers, drinks and networking on the second Friday of every month

Master Glass

Sip on a drink and soak up some knowledge with group mentoring or guided workshops


FounderNV runs year-long with countless opportunities to engage

Important Topics

12 months. 12 topics designed for founders with Founder University Nevada online curriculum


Create an invaluable network of like-minded founders & mentors

Flexible Membership

Enroll once, for free. Choose which sessions you join us at!

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