Pitch for A $100K investment

$100k Startup Investment: $50k from FundNV + $50k match from Nevada SSBCI
One of the most important services StartUpNV provides to our Nevada start-up community is preparing our Nevada startup founders for early stage investment – and to pitch credibly for that investment.

We review pitch readiness for any founder who asks – just submit your application and prepare to pitch. You will receive written feedback from a panel of 4-6 reviewers and a comparison to our standards for content type, presentation style, scalability, and conformity to our accelerator requirements*. Please be prepared for direct (blunt) feedback as part of this process. You will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit your deck up to 3 times.

Those who meet our pitch standards and approach or exceed our requirements* are invited to pitch for admission to our accelerator. Each presenter pitches to an audience of up to 120 startup community members. Additionally, a review panel of 5-10 highly experienced startup leaders, angel investors, and subject matter experts ask questions and lead a live feedback session after the pitch.
About 1 in 10 who pitch are invited to join the StartUpNV Accelerator within 2-4 weeks. Those who aren’t quite ready for the Accelerator are invited to join the Virtual Online incubator program, IncubateNV. IncubateNV provides entrepreneur(s) / founder(s) an action plan with access to the resources prescribed in the plan to improve their business with the goal of gaining acceptance into the Accelerator – or to raise capital on their own. Both programs prepare founders for pre-seed and seed level (angel) investment.

All pitches are uploaded to the StartUpNV YouTube Channel for extended exposure to angels investors, capital providers, and others not able to make it to the live session.  Founders receive   a private link to their verbal feedback session – which is NOT included on the public YouTube channel. Please subscribe to our channel to get weekly notifications about the companies that have pitched.

Our Pitch Day agenda provides time for a 5-10 minutes pitch which must cover the minimum six topics, then 10-15 minutes of Q&A and feedback. If you are in beta or are actively selling a product or service, your pitch will be allocated up 10 minutes. If you have NOT started selling a product or service yet, your pitch is limited to no more than 7 minutes.

To schedule a pitch date, please complete the form below,  watch our video about the StartUpNV program (6 minutes) and check out these helpful blogs on pitch style and content.  Then submit your pitch deck for feedback, approval, and scheduling.