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Preparing Nevada Start-ups for Early Stage Capital

Startup Incubator & Startup Investment Opportunities

As Nevada’s Only State-Wide Business Incubator, we enable startups to take scalable business ideas from beta / MVP into revenue-producing businesses, then prepare them to connect with early stage investors.

Get Help Funding Your Startup


You have an amazing idea, and you’ve researched it and are positive there’s a market out there that’s waiting for this product or service. The only trouble is that you have no funding to get from Point A to Point B. You may not even know how to begin looking for investment sources.


That’s okay because our incubator accelerator program gives you the tools you need to position yourself in front of early stage investors. As you progress, we will even connect you with our network of angel investors and other capital sources.



Benefits for Startups


Incubate and connect with coaches, mentors, capital sources, and more.


Get your act together before talking to investors with our workshops


Be guided by specialized mentors committed to your success


Benefit from our partnerships with Seed VC firms, Angel Groups, and the SBA

StartUpNV  Facts

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Become an Angel Investor


An idea paired with the right investor and mentor can become the next big industry disruptor. You’ve heard the stories, but you’ve never had the chance to do it yourself. You can change that by learning what it takes to successfully invest in business startups.


Angel investing is riskier than other types of investments, but done properly, the rewards of making a great return while impacting our community makes it worthwhile. StartUpNV’s mission is to educate individuals on what it takes to be a good angel investor and make smart, successful investments. We’re establishing the angel investing ecosystem in Nevada, and you can be part of this bigger movement.


Be the good in the world.
Ready to invest while making a difference?

Benefits for Investors


Learn the fundamentals of angel investing through our educational events


Collaborate with seasoned investors and like-minded individuals


Make better decisions by gaining knowledge and insight


Gain access to opportunities right in front of you

Meet Our Startup Companies

Upcoming Events

Dreamers & Believers | Jan 24

Jan 24, 2020 | 8:30am – 1:30pm | StartUpNV | 4th & Lewis, Downtown Vegas

Join us for an event celebrating  women entrepreneurs – Dreamers – and those who Believe in them – Angel investors. StartUpNV, Nevada’s Statewide Business Incubator is bringing these two groups together to create more women angels and to support the journey of female entrepreneurs. Panels will include entrepreneurs discussing the roller-coaster ride that is startup life and the worthiness of the journey. There will be an introduction to angel investing, and we’ll hear from experienced angels on doing valuation of early stage startups and the different types of early financing.

The day starts off with continental breakfast and ends with lunch.

International Pitch Day | Poland | Jan 29

Jan 29, 2020 | 8:00am – 10:00am | StartUpNV | 4th & Lewis, Downtown Vegas

Come out to see and meet 8-10 Polish companies that are considering a move to Nevada. Watch them pitch to StartUpNV and our Las Vegas based mentors / advisors / angels.

Coffee and pastries / bagels will be provided. Seating is limited, so please reserve in advance.

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