Accelerator Member Companies


Accelerator Member Companies

The StartUpNV Accelerator works over a 9-month program timeline with a maximum of 10 companies at a time. All companies in the accelerator must meet the following minimum criteria:
StartUp NV AngelInvestor Community pre seed funding investors
Upon completion of due diligence, companies accepted into the Accelerator are offered a term sheet for a $50k investment from FundNV, our pre-seed accelerator fund, which may be matched 1:1 by SSBCI investment fund, BattleBorn. Accelerator companies pledge 1% of company equity to our non-profit foundation and pay a $200* monthly program fee, which includes a cowork membership in either our Las Vegas or Reno facility.

Earlier stage companies should apply to and participate through our Virtual Online Incubation Platform, IncubateNV at IncubateNV readies startups for the accelerator and to raise capital on their own.

The companies listed below are accelerator member companies.


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