Building Nevada's Startup Ecosystem

We have 7 growth programs for founders and 4 funds for investors to support startups.

By Founders, For Founders. StartUpNV was founded by successful entrepreneurs who know the impact that a supportive startup ecosystem makes in a startup’s success. Our organization is built on ensuring Nevada’s founders have access to the best resources, support, and capital (with founder-friendly deal terms) right here at home. In doing so, we help diversify Nevada’s economy, create jobs, build community, and keep and attract the best innovators to build their StartUp(in)NV.

Home Always means Nevada, even when you’re raising capital.

Since June 2017 

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Nevada’s Statewide Startup Incubator & Accelerator

Incubator Programs

StartUpNV exists to support the lifecycle of entrepreneurship throughout Nevada, at every stage. Our incubator programs help entrepreneurs develop and scale ideas from MVP to revenue-producing businesses.

Accelerator Programs 

We make an initial investment in the startups that are accepted to our AccelerateNV program, and provide the tools and resources to accelerate the growth of your company and raise additional capital. 

Get Help Funding Your Startup

The best way to see what stages of companies, quality of pitch decks, and questions the investor community has about Startups that are pitching for AccelerateNV investment, is to attend one of our public Pitch Days.

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AngelNV3 Investors' Happy Hour

Become A Nevada Startup Investor

Ready to invest while making a difference?

StartUpNV is a non-profit organization, but the venture funds we facilitate are very much for-profit. We’re committed to attracting and raising venture capital in Nevada, educating and reducing barriers to becoming an investor, and making informed investments in the next big disruptors.

Angel Investing

The right investors and mentors can make all the difference in a startup’s success, and being an early investor in the right companies can provide the greatest returns. Part of StartUpNV’s mission is to educate individuals on what it takes to be a good angel investor and how to make smart, successful investments.

Venture Funds

Our investment committees consist of exited founders, long-time angel investors and seasoned venture capitalists, and our unique model allows our venture team to spend months to years getting to know founders and their businesses before investing. We have multiple venture funds that cater to different types of investors and their goals.

Join our Community!

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A great introduction to StartUpNV is to attend our fortnightly Pitch Day. You can join in person in Las Vegas and say hello to some of our team, or join virtually from anywhere!

Why StartUpNV?

  • We engage with startups at every stage of the journey.
  • We know that it takes a village, or rather an ecosystem, and we’re building it.
  • We believe that entrepreneurship is for the brave, not the privileged.
  • We do the ultimate diligence.
  • We have a ton of fun.

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