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Reno Lunch n Learn (4/5/22) featuring Catherine Oaks!

Reach a receptive, unsaturated audience in the metaverse!

In Horizon Worlds and Workrooms, Sliice builds virtual spaces for your customers to enjoy in the metaverse. These worlds are fully branded and contain calls to action. As the metaverse opens to paid advertising, you will be positioned to take immediate advantage of the platform to be the first to reach a receptive, unsaturated audience. Fortune favors the bold! Learn what the metaverse is and how you can start building virtual renditions of your stores, your meeting rooms and of places where your clients and key stakeholders spend their time, so you can connect and engage with them.

Who is Catherine Oaks?

As an Expert in Brand Magnetism, Professor of International Marketing, Thought Leader, Influencer, Speaker and Metaverse Enabler in the AR/VR & iOT worlds, Catherine Oaks is the founder and CEO of Sliice, a global branding agency that revitalizes brands by building clarity in their messaging and creating content that grows online footprints for a solid presence in the metaverse.

Using Smart Technology and Smart Media, Catherine recently helped a 6-billion dollar Finance company generate 300% more leads per month, and a 10-million dollar technology company increase sales by 30%. Using advanced branding techniques, we prepare our clients for what’s next in the metaverse so they create branded spaces where their clients try their products, write reviews and develop trust in their brand.

Now is the time to build a presence in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality spaces, before your competitors do!

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