Creating Value in Companies Through Communications

By: Andy Abramson

CEO, Comunicano

Too often, the importance and value of external communications – be it public relations, social media, or event participation – is underestimated by technology-led companies.

While founders often seek attention from the media or relish the opportunity to speak to their audiences, too many companies fail to recognize how vital a well-structured communications program can be to drive and deliver their value proposition, along with its potential to positively impact  the company’s valuation. That’s why a Value Creation Communications approach is necessary from a company’s beginning to exit.

Simply put, Value Creation Communications is about engaging with three distinct audiences:

  1. Customers
  2. Ecosystem partners
  3. Investors/Acquirers

These three audiences directly impact a business’s value and, in reality, the founders’ ability to command a higher valuation when acquired. In order to attract these three audiences, the concept of Value Creation Communications (VCC) can be utilized.

For VCC to be successful, the company’s story must be clearly understood. Without a story, a business is just another face in the crowd, but your goal is to be the face the crowd is looking at. That’s why it is essential to tell a story that meets the requirements of the 4 C’s, so that  your story is memorable enough to be retold by others the way that you tell it yourself.

The 4 C’s:

  • Clear
  • Credible
  • Compelling

… and…


When a story is contagious and begins being retold by others, the business builds its legend. The more your story is told by others, the more prodigious your legend becomes. And with that, the creation of greater awareness of your story.

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