Michael Lofton


Location: Las Vegas

Career Experience: Sales, Operations

Experience And Industry Summary: When you first get a glimpse of the life of Mike Lofton, you immediately understand that he’s not your run of the mill leader. That first encounter is guaranteed to leave you re-examining your goals, your strategies and how you define success.
With an energetic attitude and his ever-growing roster of successes, Mike Lofton has taken leadership training and coaching to an entirely new level by helping others get over themselves and others.
A living example of achievement, Lofton has taken his experience as a leader in fortune 500 companies and used it to help new and seasoned entrepreneurs streamline their business strategies, connected with their customers in new ways, and uplevel their lives. Lofton has worked with everyone from the cashier starting their first job, several business owners, lawyers, doctors, and sales professionals in multiple industries throughout the United States.
His ‘No Fluff’ business philosophy encourages clients to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives and businesses. Lofton has taught countless leaders using a vast collection of tools for introspection and execution while encouraging them to take risks, embrace the unknown and ‘act’ their way into a more fulfilling future.
With the use of straight-to-the-point, blunt stories he inspires people to make their ordinary, extraordinary.