Mark Mraz


Location: Las Vegas

Career Experience: Operations, Management

Experience And Industry Summary:

I have been a project manager for both large and small organizations in both the public, private sectors, along with supporting government agencies to include NIST and the FAA.

I am the founder of Crossing the Goal Partners, a coaching/consulting agency helping family-owned businesses grow in value for a future exit without regrets. We focus on 8 key drivers of company value to include all the things a well-run business should focus on regardless of the maturity of the organization and whether or not the owner wants to sell now or sometime in the future.
One key aspect I find troubling family/small business is that often the business becomes dependant on the owner/founder. This in turn creates what I call the “Owner’s Trap.” A business that depends on the owner to be the Rainmaker, steals his or her freedom; eventually, both revenue and growth plateau. What ends up happening is that the founder, finds him- or her-self with a JOB rather than what they had envisioned entrepreneurship to be.

Every startup should also have an exit in mind.
Every owner will exit their business, some plan for it, some it just happens to.