Jason LeDuc


Location: Las Vegas

Career Experience: Operations, Management

Experience And Industry Summary: I empower founders and business leaders to accelerate their vision of growth by establishing a strong leadership culture and developing a team who shares the same vision and dedication toward the company’s advancement.

Strategic thinking, teamwork, and accountability are essential in creating an aligned purpose between employee performance and company objectives. Regardless of a person’s background or job title, this is best accomplished by setting goals and expectations, mentoring, and training our team for success.

During my 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, accountability, initiative, and looking at the big picture are vital components that teach us to act individually for the good of our team. From brand new recruits to the highest ranks, we are consistently trained to pay attention to detail and to independently solve problems within our scope, allowing our leaders to focus on the extent of their own strategic responsibilities. Regardless of rank, we learn that each individual plays an essential role in accomplishing a mission as a whole. We learn to lead and to be led.

In 2015, I hung up my uniform, retired from the military, went to Las Vegas, where I had established a home, and completed the University of Las Vegas MBA program. It was clear that business school didn’t focus as much on teaching leadership or strategic thinking as I’d hoped. Inspired by my friends who were coaches in various industries, I realized that I could bridge the gap of the lack of leadership knowledge and training within business organizations through my genuine desire to help individuals reach their highest potential.

The most valuable lessons I learned at UNLV were from Rebel Venture Fund, the student-led angel investing fund on campus. I learned what investors consider great companies and fell in love with the hard work and hustle it takes for one founder and a small team to achieve great things. Investors look at financial statements and pitch decks, along with the talent of the individuals, to determine if the end goal offers significant returns. Evaluating these has helped me apply my experience to determine where an organization can improve its strategy and leadership skills to accomplish its ultimate mission.

I founded Evil Genius Leadership to provide the world’s best leadership training to visionaries supplying the world with the innovation of products and services that improve our quality of life.