Founder University Nevada

Founder University Nevada is a free, entrepreneurial bootcamp series for experienced entrepreneurs and underserved small businesses in Clark County, Nevada. Hosted in partnership with the City of Las Vegas International Innovation Center, program participants will learn from the following 12 topic areas:

  • Are you Entrepreneur Material?
  • Legal Setup
  • Infrastructure
  • Customer Discovery
  • Business Model
  • Marketing
  • Product Validation
  • Capital Raising
  • Company Culture
  • Customer Success
  • Grants and Federal Funding opportunities
  • Compliance

Participants who attend at least 80% of the scheduled events will walk away from the program with a completed deal room that will include the required documentation and data to close future deals and have an increased opportunity to pitch to the StartUpNV team for investment.


Founder University is comprised of 12 mini bootcamps throughout the year, each ranging from 4 to 6 weeks.


‘Are you Entrepreneur Material?’ 

Topics include: Intro – Entrepreneur Journey, Lifestyle considerations, Risk/Reward and Exit Strategy.  


Legal Setup

Topics include: Which entity is right for you?, Founder Stock, Cap Table, Owner Agreements, Intellectual Property, Compliance




Topics include: Website, email, Social Media, Accounting and Payroll, Taxes, CRM, Insurance, Employment Policies – Conduct, Sexual Harassment, Diversity



Customer Discovery

Topics include: Ideation, 1 Minute Pitch, BMC, Talk to Customers, Surmise Pricing/Channels



Business Model Design

Topics include: TAM SAM SOM, Competitors, Business Model Metrics, Should you License Your IP?, Marketing Channels




Topics include: Brand Creation, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Sales – Outsourced, Sales – Internal, Pitching


Product Validation

 Topics include: Creating product, Calculating costs, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Understanding Viability, Building TAM SAM SOM



Capital Raising  

 Topics include: Fundraising Types from angels to crowdfunding to revenue sharing, Fundraising mentors including CFO advisors, attorneys, Outreach/networking sources, Due diligence and Deal Rooms, and Cleaning Cap Tables



Company Culture

 Topics include: Emotional Intelligence, Social Impact, Bias Mitigation, Mission Statements, and DEI



Customer Success 

Topics include: Support, Outreach, Incentives, and Testimonials



Federal Funding

Topics include: How to apply, Funding Agencies, Application Windows, Grant Writing, and Reporting



 Topics include: NIH Grant Compliance, FDA Regulations, Reporting, and Audits