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One of the most important services StartUpNV provides to our Nevada start-up community is listening to and helping with pitches. We do this for any business, founder, or founding team who asks – just schedule a time and prepare to pitch. Those who pitch have 30 minutes with a team of 8-12 highly experienced and successful start-up founders and capital raising / funding experts.

Some who pitch are asked to join the StartUpNV program. All who pitch get immediate, actionable feedback – with time for Q&A. In addition, presenters receive a StartUp Feasibility Index (SFI) score – as well as written feedback from the panel.

Our Pitch Day agenda provides for time for a 10 minute pitch which must cover the minimum six topics, then 15-20 minutes of Q&A and feedback. You will pitch to a panel with more than 100 years of start-up experience with founders and funders who have raised and/or invested hundreds of millions of dollars — with dozens of successful exits including IPO’s and acquisitions.

Schedule a time to pitch below, then watch our videos about a.) the StartUpNV program (5 mins) and b.) how to prepare for pitch day (2 mins)

Innevation Reno | 450 Sinclair St

Innevation Las Vegas | 6795 South Edmond St

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