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Visible VC

Tools for startups to easily update investors, track KPI’s, and manage a fundraise in one place. For the first 6 months you can get 90% off of any of our 3 plans with code STARTUPNV690. Founders will also have full access to our support team and can schedule a complimentary onboarding call once they redeem their account.

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SAGE is a statewide program offered through the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The program is funded by the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development. The Sierra Accelerator for Growth & Entrepreneurship (SAGE) creates opportunity for tech entrepreneurs in Southern Nevada by providing expertise to help companies secure funding from the U.S. small business innovation research grant programs.
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SAGE North

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SAGE South

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Credit cards, deposits, payments, expenses, and accounting all in one place to keep you in control of your growth. StartupNV companies get 50,000 points ($500) when signing up and spending $1,000 + up to $150,000 in startup perks. Get a business account, credit card, and spend management software—in one refreshingly easy solution. No fees or minimums.

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Amazon Web Services

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AWS Activate provides startups with a host of benefits, including AWS credits, AWS support plan credits, and architecture guidance to help grow your business. Activate benefits are designed to give you the right mix of tools, resources, and expert support so you can succeed with AWS while optimizing performance, managing risk, and keeping costs under control.

Startups affiliated with StartupNV are eligible for the following AWS Activate Portfolio benefits:

Cloud Credits

Experiment, build, and grow with up to $5,000 in free AWS Cloud credits valid for 2 years.

Business Support

Receive 1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $1,500) for 24/7 access to technical support and architectural guidance from AWS Cloud support engineers as you build and test.

Technical Training

Get hands-on practice with 80 free credits for self-paced labs. The labs provide real cloud environments to help you learn and build AWS Cloud skills.

Exclusive Content & Offers

Take advantage of discounts, free products, recommended content, and a library of AWS services and tools through a personalized AWS Activate console.

To apply, use the link and case-sensitive Organization ID (OrgID) code below. This OrgID is a unique identifier that affiliates you with StartupNV and should not be shared.

Organization ID (case-sensitive): 1IEZV
Before You Submit an Application
  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria under “Activate Portfolio Requirements.”
  • Make sure you have a company website that’s live or public startup profile (note: staging websites won’t be accepted).
  • Make sure you have a company website that’s live or public startup profile (note: staging websites won’t be accepted).
  • When you click the application link, you will be prompted to sign into your AWS account. Make sure to log in to the AWS Account where you would like to receive credits, as you won’t be able to transfer credits to another account in the future. If you do not have an AWS account yet, you can open one for free here.
  • The email address on your application must match the one used to set up the AWS account where you want to receive credits. We recommend changing the email address associated with your AWS Account to a company email if you originally used a personal email for set up.

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Carta gets you started with
Carta builds software for companies, investors, law firms, and employees to modernize the way they manage ownership. Founded in 2012, Carta started by helping private companies manage cap tables. Since then they’ve expanded into valuations, fund services, and corporate governance. Carta now supports over 8,500 companies, 250,000+ stakeholders, and have valued over $300b in private assets.

Subscription Discounts

Through membership with GAN, companies receive discounted prices on Carta subscriptions. To learn more, please click the button below or reach out to and mention you're with a GAN affiliated accelerator!

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How to overcome a complicated name: 6 Steps to Ensure “Flawless Recall”

By: Liz Goodgold

Redfire Branding

New research confirms what most of us thought: a complex name hurts your chances of getting a job. And, here’s the double whammy: a difficult to pronounce name coupled with being a minority can lower your chances of getting a callback for a job by a whopping 50%!

With the world (thank goodness!) embracing names beyond Jim, Jane, and John, now is the time to translate your unfamiliar name to the familiar. Show and share how easy your name is with these techniques:

Add a visual guide to your name. Actress Saoirse Ronan routinely adds to articles that her name is pronounced “Sur-sha.” Or Emily Weinstein notes her moniker this way: WINE-Steen so that you don’t say “WINE-STINE.  Remember: don’t use diacritical marks (the complicated linguistic guides such as ē, in the word ease.)

  1. Break Down the Name – Dividing your name into easy to digest bites also works. The Russian name Artemii can be turned into Art-Team-Me.
  2. Play with Rhyme Time – A dear friend always said his name this way: “Mizhir rhymes with leisure.” Or Iwaniak: rhymes with Pontiac. Another woman writes her name, Frezhenay, this way: rhymes with chardonnay. A woman after my heart…and wine glass!
  3. Teach them how to pronounce it on LinkedIn. The social media platform has an easy guide on how to record your own name. Voila!
  4. Add a Metaphor/Simile – I met a man with the last name Brieuliette. He slyly explains: “have you tried the brie yet?” Or a man from Persia explains his name a Eyetern as in “I torn my jeans.” Of course, my girlfriend Alise always makes me laugh by stating “Alise,” as in you “sign a lease”!
  5. Make it Analogous – Unfortunately, I used to get introduced on stage as Liz GoldGood. I solved that problem by explaining that I am a speaker who is as good as gold, Liz Goodgold. Problem solved.

What works for you? I’m all ears.

Liz Goodgold is a branding and communications expert who has worked with over 14,000 employees and entrepreneurs to brand better and speak “gooder.” A former brand manager at Quaker Oats, she creates winning strategies that earn sizzling results.

Quick with a quip, Liz dishes the dirt on celebrity branding on 2 television shows, was a finalist judge for Simon Cowell, and is a frequent guest on TV. Liz is in an exclusive relationship with coffee. You can reach her at

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StartUpNV announces Myisha Boyce to join Board of Directors

Angel investor, advocate and small business owner will provide counsel to nonprofit startup incubator, especially in underserved communities

LAS VEGAS (July 25, 2022) – StartUpNV, Nevada’s nonprofit business accelerator and incubator for scalable startups,
announced that business owner, investor and community advocate Myisha Boyce will join its board of directors.

Boyce is the founding member and president of M.Y.S. Firm, a Nevada based woman- and minority-owned professional services
organization. Established in 2014, the business has seen exponential growth over the past several years due in part to its professional and community partnerships.

“Myisha’s personal perspective on the challenges facing startups and small business, especially those owned by women and minorities, and how to overcome these challenges will be invaluable counsel to StartUpNV’s board of directors,” said Jeff Saling, executive director of StartUpNV.

In 2021, Boyce participated in StartUpNV’s AngelNV bootcamp for angel investors. Designed for both first-time and experienced investors, Boyce also actively recruited investors from minority communities to participate in the program.

“It is critically important to ensure that everyone in the community has access to the knowledge that AngelNV can provide to help build generational wealth through investing,” said Boyce. “AngelNV as well as all of StartUpNV’s programs and funds are strengthening the knowledge of how to invest wisely and facilitating access to a network of investors and entrepreneurs that can help build longer term wealth for participants and their families, especially those representing minority communities.”

Focused on building and enhancing strategic professional partnerships that jointly benefit business and community, Boyce also serves as Chair of Allegiant Stadium’s Community Advisory Board and is a member on the board of directors for Access Community Capital, a nonprofit community development financial institution. She previously served as a legislatively appointed commissioner and chair of the Legislative Subcommittee within Nevada Department of Business & Industry’s Commission on Minority Affairs, was appointed in 2022 by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak to the Community College Workforce Training & Programs Committee, and volunteered as chair of the Business Council for the Las Vegas Urban Chamber of Commerce.

About StartUpNV
StartUpNV is a non-profit (501c3) statewide business incubator for scalable Nevada startups, providing expert mentorship and access to a network of capital partners for funding through vehicles like FundNV (, AngelNV (, the newly established SeedNV (
Learn more about StartUpNV at

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