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“ Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

–Benjamin Franklin
Summit Venture Mentoring Service makes the necessary connections between entrepreneurs and new ventures with a team of experienced mentors to produce high growth companies.

Emerging entrepreneurs face an unusually fast-moving and competitive business environment. The speed of technological changes, accelerated product cycles, global competition and sophisticated financing strategies often demand resources and experience beyond the reach of the typical start-up entrepreneur. Figuring out what you do know is easy.  Figuring out what you do not know presents obstacles and challenges that often require breakthrough efforts.

At StartUpNV we provide two mentoring paths for entrepreneurs.  The StartUpNV business incubator is a formal program to incubate scalable startups with an eye on rapid growth, raising capital, and an exit within 10 years.  The Summit VMS program is a less formal mentoring only program for awesome regional companies who may not be focused on hyper-growth, raising capital, or consider an exit as a primary goal.

Summit VMS Team mentoring provides both the mechanics and the critical thinking faculties to surmount the obstacles and challenges faced by companies with a desire to break through. Summit Venture Mentoring Service, via its unique mentoring process, based on a successful program developed at MIT is unique and world class.  This program is provided free of charge for entrepreneurs who see the world as their oyster.

Summit VMS supports innovation and entrepreneurial activity by matching entrepreneurs with a skilled and experienced team of three to four volunteer mentors.  These mentors are successful entrepreneurs who hail from a deep variety of work backgrounds and life experience.  They are good listeners.  Equally important—they have an instinctual bias toward action.

To paraphrase Voltaire—“Life is not about breathing, but doing.”  Both ventures and mentors are focused on achieving concrete results measured in “start-up time” — rather than years.

Summit VMS History

Summit VMS was founded in early 2013 by the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) with grant funds from the Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.  EDAWN transitioned the program to StartUpNV in late 2017 to continue the original mission to “grow our own” high growth startup ecosystem as it is consistent with the StartUpNV mission.   To maintain the mission of StartUpNV and Summit VMS – to grow new companies,  we depend on partners, sponsors and donors.

We are grateful to the collaborative region that has come together to make this program possible. With the help of partner organizations, sponsors and donors the Northern Sierra region will blossom new innovations and company growth.

Summit VMS is part of the StartUpNV’s focus on Entrepreneurial Development. All donations to StartUpNV, a 501(c)3 non-profit are tax deductible to the full extent allowed under IRS codes.  To donate via credit card or check, please visit our donation page.

You can also donate through the Amazon Smile program where Amazon will donate one half of one percent of all purchases to an approved charity, such as StartUpNV.   Click our charity link to name us as your charity of record – and don’t forget to shop at

Apply to Summit VMS


Interested in joining the program as a company or mentor, it’s easy!

Companies and founders should schedule a pitch… and mention your interest in VMS when you pick a date and apply.

Mentors please apply via our mentor application.  We will quickly schedule a 1:1 meeting to explain the program and make sure we’re a “fit” for each other.

Our mentors are an elite group of professionals carefully selected based on their expertise. Mentors are selected for their experience in areas relevant to the needs of entrepreneurs and for their enthusiasm for the program. To maintain a trusting environment for entrepreneurs, mentors are required to adhere, in writing, to oft-stated principles that govern their behavior, outline their responsibilities, guard against conflicts of interest, and control financial involvement with the entrepreneurs and their ventures. Relationships between mentors and entrepreneurs are formed based on the needs of the entrepreneur and the interests of available mentors.