Seed Stage Capital for Scalable Startups


SeedNV is a regionally focused $10M (for-profit) venture capital seed fund. SeedNV follows-on in high performing FundNV, AngelNV, and StartUpNV startups, doubling down on proven winners.  SeedNV also originates new to us deals outside of our “homegrown” network – and syndicates into partner deals .

SeedNV writes $100k to $500k checks in $500k to $2.5M seed rounds. 50% of SeedNV funds are deployed in $350k to $500k checks in Nevada based deals led by SeedNV.  The other 50% of our fund targets $100k to $150k checks in deals syndicated through trusted regional partners. 

SeedNV is operated by an experienced 3 person (all fund LP’s) investment committee that meets weekly to review diligence on deals and make investment decisions. Investments require unanimous consent. Fund fees are low at “1 and 5” with the carry donated to the StartUpNV non-profit accelerator affiliated with the fund. Fund operations are supported by non-dilutive grants for staffing operated by affiliated non-profit accelerator, StartUpNV. The minimum investment is $25k and only accredited or qualified investors may invest.

Companies wishing to be considered for an investment are encouraged to apply through the StartUpNV accelerator application process.

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