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*Accelerator Requirements are summarized as follows:

> Founder(s) must have a strong vision – and be coachable
> Founder(s) should be working full time in the startup
> Founder(s) must be focused on a successful exit within 10 years
> Startup should be reasonably able to achieve a mid-eight figure valuation (or more) within 5-7 years
> Startup should have an MVP / beta / v1.0 / prototype product developed (or nearly so)
> Startup should be actively selling or in beta with users (or nearly so)

Not quite there meeting these requirements?

That’s ok! Our incubator, GrowNV is designed to get you there. You can apply to the accelerator and be routed to GrowNV- or you can sign-up directly for GrowNV by clicking here.

GrowNV provides resources, mentors, education, professional services, and other help for founders.  All GrowNV applicants receive a funding viability score (0-5 point scale) – and get a written action plan on how to improve your score. Scores of 3.2 or above are where accelerator consideration begins — and that’s also where most angel / seed funding organizations begin to consider making investments.

GrowNV is free to join — and many of the resources are free to use or consume.

Apply today; discover your score; get your startup funding plan – and start taking action!