Dreamers and Believers

Calling all Las Vegas Female Founders & Angels — join us!

Women Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors gather to learn from each other. We’re creating more Believers to invest in the Dreamers.

Join us for an event celebrating women entrepreneurs – Dreamers – and those who Believe in them – Angel investors.

Click below to reserve your seat!

StartUpNV, Nevada’s Statewide Business Incubator is bringing these two groups together to create more women angels and to support the journey of female entrepreneurs. Panels will include entrepreneurs discussing the roller-coaster ride that is startup life and the worthiness of the journey. There will be an introduction to angel investing, and we’ll hear from experienced angels on doing valuation of early stage startups and the different types of early financing.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Siliva Mah | “Hidden Bias Held by Both Genders”

Our additional and awesome speakers and panelists include:
Mysty Rusk | Amanda Signorelli | Cindy Gatlin | Danell Wilson-Perlman
Madeline Feldman | Julie Brander | Lauren Klein | Maggie Saling is our emcee and host from StartUpNV

The day starts off with continental breakfast and ends with lunch.

Join us at the International Innovation Center @Vegas!

This is an EXCLUSIVELY Women only event.

Please RSVP via the Ticket Tailor Link to reserve your seat!

Event Donation is $49 to cover costs and support our 501(c)3 non-profit.

Scholarships available – inquire for qualifications at info@startupnv.org


Jeff Saling

Jeff Saling

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