Business Incubator or StartUp Accelerator?


The writers, bloggers and consultants who advise you to decide between startup accelerators and business incubators are WRONG for Nevada! We want and need a different and better approach to growing our startup ecosystem in Nevada.

The StartUpNV “Battleborn” version of startup business incubation involves principles and practices that blur the line between traditional definitions of startup incubation and business acceleration in private and government funded startup ventures. StartUpNV breaks the hyper-specialization focus of the expensive, crowded, and over regulated economies of California and other places with similar attributes.

Nevada’s rough and tumble pioneer culture means we’re not politically correct as many others seek to be, rather we focus on results. Our Nevada culture demands that we use what resources we have at hand and create the needed resources that we don’t have. So StartUpNV focuses on pairing good ideas and driven founders with a unique accelerated incubation (“accubation”) process, smart capital, and an economic environment (low taxes and regulation) to make the startup business and the investors successful in better than current 7-8 year average time frame from company formation to IPO, acquisition, or another type of successful exit.

How StartUpNV works for Nevada versus traditional startup incubators or business accelerators


Business Incubator

Startup Accelerator

Timeline Pitch every 90 days Not Specific – up to 5 years 10-23 weeks
Funding Tailored to capital needs @ specific accubation process point: Post MVP with Initial sales and renewals Not specified outside of a fund sponsored Incubator Typically $10-$50k at exit
Equity 1-2% Varies – typically 5%+ 5-10%
Commitment 90 days, then monthly Annual office lease Program length
Location Virtual, co-work, rent office or combination Incubator office Accelerator location
Focus Scalable ventures in Nevada – no specified business types Typically specialized – tech, med, B2C, etc. Typically specialized – tech, med, B2C, etc.
Fees Under $250/mo Application Fee+ $750+/mo Application Fee + Travel costs ($5k+)
Entry Criteria Open Pitch Schedule + Transparent feasibility algorithm Apply + pitch to admission board Apply + pay fees (if required)
Mentors Hand-picked and rotated to attain specific 90-180 goals Volunteers from interested members Accelerator mgmt. and their connections
Organization Type 501(c)3 economic development non-profit Commonly DE C Corp formed VC Private for profit corp, LLC, and/or VC fund
Capital Partners 8 sources and growing: seed, angel, VC, PE and debt None or funded by a VC Funded by Accelerator

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Team Startup

Team Startup