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One of the most important services StartUpNV provides to our Nevada start-up community is listening to and helping with pitches. We do this for any business, founder, or founding team who asks – just schedule a time and prepare to pitch. Those who pitch have 30 minutes with a team of 8-12 highly experienced and successful start-up founders and capital raising / funding experts.

Some who pitch are asked to join the StartUpNV program. All who pitch get immediate, actionable feedback – with time for Q&A. In addition, presenters receive a StartUp Feasibility Index (SFI) score – as well as written feedback from the panel.

Our Pitch Day agenda provides for time for a 10 minute pitch which must cover the minimum six topics, then 15-20 minutes of Q&A and feedback. You will pitch to a panel with more than 100 years of start-up experience with founders and funders who have raised and/or invested hundreds of millions of dollars — with dozens of successful exits including IPO’s and acquisitions.

Schedule a time to pitch below, then watch our videos about a.) the StartUpNV program (5 mins) and b.) how to prepare for pitch day (2 mins). Check out recent pitches and other start-up video content on our YouTube channel, then subscribe to see the latest updates when they occur.

Please choose a date by when you’ll be ready to pitch.  You’ll receive preparatory information from us such as a form to complete about your business or idea, pitching tips and mistakes to avoid, a sample pitch deck, and links to helpful videos.  Review the materials, prepare your pitch deck, practice, then pitch on your appointed day at the location you’ve selected.

We are excited about hearing your ideas!