AngelNV to Invest $200k in a Local StartUp


Operated by StartUpNV, Nevada’s statewide incubator and accelerator for Nevada-based startup companies, AngelNV has opened enrollment for its free entrepreneurial fundraising boot camp and startup accelerator.  It starts Sept. 8 and will teach startup founders how to raise venture capital, culminating with at least one company receiving a $200k investment.

StartUpNV held a free online and in-person info session hosted by co-founder Jeff Saling and Mysty Rusk, Exec Director of the San Diego Angel Conference – along with a presentation by  Greg Gibson, CEO and co-founder at Meta Mechanics on “The Art of Storytelling” as a key to raising investment capital.

To watch the informational video about AngelNV click here.  To  register  your  company to participate in AngelNV, click the register button below.  Late arrivals can catch-up on past presentations  via our AngelNV Founder Boot Camp YouTube Playlist.




Jeff Saling

Jeff Saling

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Pitch Day for $100k
Apply to the StartUpNV Accelerator | Earn a $100k investment

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