Angel Investing is Important & Inspirational AngelNV 2 is Open

Successful startup ecosystems have local “angel” investors supporting high potential startups in the early stages of development. These local angel investors target 10x to 50x returns on their startup investments over 5 to 7 years.  It can be very rewarding financially – but just as important, it has a local impact – helping the local startup community to grow and thrive.

Nevada is critically short on local, Nevada based angels. For those of us who live here, we know the shortage is not for lack of money or wealth in our communities, it’s about knowing how and having the confidence to be an effective angel investor – on your own or as part of a group.  StartUpNV is addressing this issue with education and by helping our startup founders to become “investable” – to create great options (deal flow) for Nevada angels to achieve a great return while having the big local impact most angels desire. The most impactful StartUpNV program for those who are curious about angel investing, but lack the know-how is AngelNV.

The AngelNV bootcamp and investor conference is an 12-week program that teaches hi-performance, hi-impact angel investing.  It runs from February 1 through April 30th, starting with two 3-hour classes, then meets weekly for about an hour – closing out with a shark tank like event where the bootcamp “class” makes an angel investment.  The bootcamp is led by experienced and successful angel investors – and is designed to be highly interactive, inclusive – and safe with on-line and socially distanced in-person options to attend.

Our goal at StartUpNV is to help grow a robust and inclusive startup ecosystem throughout Nevada. We want our Nevada startup founders and state university graduates to have opportunities for growth and careers at home, in Nevada – and ultimately to diversify our economy.  We love our long-time successful history in gaming, hospitality, tourism and mining, but we can do more – adding to that success in other industries and with other technologies, making our economy more robust and resilient.

Angel investors are critical piece of our startup ecosystem – in democratizing wealth creation among founders, employees, and investors in our Nevada startups… and in the local communities where they are born and grow. Join us to learn how to be an angel – or refer someone at


Maggie Saling

Maggie Saling