Alex Medick

Location: Las Vegas

Career Experience: Sales, Marketing, Operations

Industry Experience: B2C: Consumer Products & Services, B2B: Business Or Enterprise Products & Professional Services, Money: Investments | Insurance | Real Estate | Banking | Other Financial Services

Experience And Industry Summary:

I Am An Entrepreneur And Angel Investor From Las Vegas, NV. I Am The CEO Of The New Standard, A Full-Stack Digital Marketing Consultancy, As Well As A Board Member Of Precision Opinion Market Research. I Have Nearly 15 Years Of Experience In Startups, Running Businesses, Investing In Startups, Marketing, Branding, Positioning, And Business Development. I Would Love To Be Able To Work With Startups As A Mentor And Help Bring More Tech To Las Vegas – As I Believe The Opportunity To Be The New Silicon Valley Is Here, We Just Have To Build Enough Network Effects And Cause Enough Noise To Make It Happen.

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