Accelerator Companies

Accelerator Member Companies

The StartUpNV Accelerator works over a 9-month program timeline with 8-12 companies at a time.  All companies in the accelerator must meet the following minimum criteria:

  •     > Scalable, Nevada based, and likely to reach a minimum mid-8 figure valuation within 5-7 years.
  •     > Full Time Founder / Founding Team – focused on an exit in less than 7-10 years.
  •     > MVP, Beta, or v 1.0 of offering complete – in market now / ready to start selling or take orders.
  •     > Raising pre-seed or seed round now – or within 90 days at the latest.


Accelerator companies are eligible (after 90 days) for investment from FundNV, our pre-seed accelerator fund.  Accelerator companies pledge 1% of company equity to our non-profit foundation and pay a $200* monthly program fee, which includes a cowork membership in either our Las Vegas or Reno facility.  (*$100 during COVID restrictions)

Earlier stage companies should apply to and participate in our virtual incubation program at Companies listed below are accelerator members as of the end of Q3 2020.

Accelerator Companies