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The AngelNV Accelerator Program is free, but there are a limited number of spaces.  Acceptance is automatic upon completing the stage 2 registration until the limit is reached.

If you are completing this form on the same device as your initial registration, the application form should “remember” you.  If it doesn’t “remember” you or you’re using a different device — please enter the email address you used to complete the initial application. 

This application is more detailed than the first and will take up to 15 minutes to complete.  This form and the AngelNV program assumes you’ve done some serious thinking about your business and the market which your startup / project / business addresses. 

Please glance through the questions to make sure you’re prepared to answer all of the required* fields before you begin the this stage 2 application.

  • What source of capital is funding your business now? Check all that apply
  • Are you currently / actively raising Capital?
  • total capital raised for startup
  • Capital available to spend right now
  • Avg Monthly Expenses (not covered by sales)
  • Description and amount in USD
  • Description and amount in USD
  • Description and amount in USD
  • Select one
  • Select one
  • You can separate full-time project work and part-time project work.
  • what is your company web site?
  • Do you reside in Nevada?
  • are you working full time on this startup?
  • number of others working with you?
    Please enter a number greater than or equal to 0.
  • Tell us about your professional career and what led you to start the company. If you had an exit, congrats! ... and please describe it.
  • please indicate the category that best describes your location:
  • Tell us how or from whom you heard about us

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