Do These 3 Things Before Investing in a Start-Up

Before You Invest in a Startup, Do These 3 Things

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Investing in a startup and a founder you find compelling and in which you believe is an awesome and risky idea. Before you jump in, there is a long list of things you’ll want to know about the startup, the founder – and about the process. At StartUpNV, we use a 3-Step process with our member companies and founders to make them more investable. As an angel, you’ll want to do something similar.

When you download our guide, you learn about the three important steps of our process that you should consider when investing in startups. These steps include:
1. Conducting a Startup Feasibility Index
2. Identifying where the start-up and founders are in the Startup Stage & Lifecycle
3. Performing in-depth Due Diligence

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